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The Columbus Dispatch
Thursday, August 9th, 2012
by Joe Blundo

The Columbus Dispatch has given me a voice in Joe Blundo’s column SO TO SPEAK, Columbus Dispatch, Thursday August 9, 2012.

It was a joy to talk to a journalist whose curiosity acknowledged his perception of a problem that is of common interest to readers in Central Ohio.

This has given me the opportunity to reach out to the people I’ve had the pleasure of representing throughout my career.

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Don’t Get Over Charged!

Anyone who has ever had occasion to use a lawyer has asked themselves; “Are lawyers worth what they charge?” ┬áVery often, they’re not. So, be prepared to learn why and how to avoid being overcharged for needed legal services.

This critical issue has been viewed as “Off-base” by attorneys. Consequently, no member of the profession has seriously challenged them — until now


Mission Statement

To inform and educate the average citizen in ways he can overcome the culture of greed that has come to identify lawyers. And, to empower the layperson with the means and knowledge to ensure the delivery of legal services at an affordable cost.